LIEBE LOVE AMOUR! to Asheville!

LLA_GlamourVeilAnonymous Ensemble returns to NC Stage to sweep Asheville off its feet for one brief yet passionate week with LIEBE LOVE AMOUR! If you thought there was no more room for peace and love in Asheville, Tall Hilda says think again, darling. At least concerning the love part…

Ship of Fools

Anonymous Ensemble teams up with puppeteer Jess Scott to present a work-in-progress showing of the new show, “Ship of Fools” as a part of a residency at HERE Arts Center.

Boat and Rock Cropped

I Land to premiere at Incubator Arts


Anonymous Ensemble will premier I Land at Incubator Arts from January 31 to February 9th. Get your tickets now!

I Land is a live film drawn from the lives and imagination of the audience. The Ensemble guides the audience through an exploration of the terrains of their individual recollections and dreams, unfolding in a memory film of the audience’s collective narrative. Featuring Anonymous Ensemble’s signature real-time video wizardry, each performance is a unique event.


Puppet Parlor

Anyonymous Ensemble is teaming up with puppeteer, Jess Scott, to create a short piece for the Puppet Parlor at HERE, this coming Monday and Tuesday.

The Best Blast from the Past

Eamonn was able to bring an eight-year-old hard drive back to life and found this old gem from Anonymous Ensemble’s days of The Best.

I Land Closes the Ice Factory

I Land is closing our beloved Ice Factory Festival this week at the New Ohio Theater. Super exciting!I Land Ice Factory

Anonymous Ensemble is bringing I Land to Asheville!

We will be in residency at NC Stage Company very soon! We arrive in Asheville in late June, and will have three weeks of performances, Thursday through Sunday from July 5th through July 21st. We will be reaching out and engaging with the community on many levels, inside and outside of the theater, so if you know anyone in Asheville, spread the word! Here’s the link!

SelfPortrait_AnonymousEnsemble_I Land_Jessica Weinstein_LizDavito_EamonnFarrell

I Land in the Ice Factory

Our new show, I Land will close the Ice Factory Festival at the New Ohio Theater. We love the theater, we love the festival, and we are so thrilled to be a part of its 20th anniversary!

I Land

It’s been an amazing and productive past couple of weeks inviting people to our studio in Brooklyn in order to develop this new show. Our test audiences can see where we’re headed with this project and are excited about it – and we are too!

René’s thoughts on our new project