Flight engenders a new form of theatrical space that is live, interactive, and global in scope. The episodic work brings together performers and audiences in real space and from all over the world in order to investigate expansive global issues. The core of the work is conversations with humans from various cultures that are mixed into a fantastical, virtual, audio/visual world created in real time. This new form of live performance seeks to break down borders between countries and cultures in both the form and content of the work.

Live Flight Webcasts:
Nov. 3, 2019 @8:30PM EST – NYC, Melbourne, Chicago, Baltimore
Dec. 8, 2019 @1pm EST – NYC, Melbourne, Athens, Paris, Charlottesville
Feb. 2, 2020 @2pm EST – NYC, Melbourne, Barcelona, Charlottesville, Allentown
March 1, 2020 @4pm EST – NYC, Melbourne, Beirut, Charlottesville
March 22, 2020 @5pm EST – NYC, Melbourne, Marin, Columbus, Pittsfield, Harrisonburg
May 3, 2020 @5pm EDT – NYC, Melbourne, Tokyo, London, Lima, Rabat
June 14, 2020 @11AM EDT – NYC, Melbourne, Lima, Mumbai, Singapore

Project Flight
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