Llontop (announcing tour dates soon)
Llontop celebrates Andean culture and language through an interactive installation of Peruvian heirlooms and a live performance featuring the song-poems of Quechua poet Irma Alvarez-Ccoscco.

Body of Land (working title)
in development for summer of 2023

The Owl and the Flowers
in development for fall of 2023

The Work

Anonymous Ensemble creates new theater, performance media, and live film. Incorporating original texts, music, rituals, and technologies, we foster intimate experiences between local and digitally global communities. By giving voice and agency to our audiences and collaborators, we celebrate the complexity of the human condition through collective storytelling.


Anonymous Ensemble was founded in 2001 and has created new work every year since. We have presented work throughout New York City and the United States, as well as Greece, England, Scotland, Norway, Germany, and Australia. We value creating community wherever we are and we ask how the audience can be co-creators of each performance event.


e n s e m b l e (at) a n o n y m o u s e n s e m b l e . o r g

Lucrecia Briceño, Eamonn Farrell, Jessica Weinstein, Liz Davito

Board of Trustees:
Sharon Levy, Lenore Malen, Thomas Kavanagh, Sven Del Vecchio, Jessica Weinstein, Lucrecia Briceño, Liz Davito, Eamonn Farrell

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Anonymous Ensemble’s Llontop celebrates indigenous Quechua culture and language and features the song poems of Quechua poet Irma Alvarez-Ccoscco. The piece is an intricately interactive installation of Peruvian heirlooms and a live film performance for both in-person and virtual audiences. For the development of Llontop, the core members of Anonymous Ensemble (Lucrecia Briceño, Eamonn Farrell, …


With Flight, Anonymous Ensemble creates a new form of theatrical space that is live, interactive, and global in scope. Flight brings together performers and audiences in real space and from anywhere in the world with internet access in order to investigate expansive global issues and tiny revelatory moments in real time. Within a stylized visual and narrative framework, we …

Songs from a Tall Room

In a tall room with a tall desk, a tall chair, and tall moving image windows, a very tall singer-songwriter, whimsical and in her pajamas, reflects on past and present moments.Audiences will be seated outdoors looking in. Created and performed by Jessica WeinsteinIn collaboration with Eamonn Farrell, Lucrecia Briceño and Anonymous EnsembleFeaturing musicians Tiappa Klimovitsky and Mojo …