Wanderlust is a narrative dance party adventure guided by the ten-foot-tall faux German powerhouse, Tall Hilda. The audience is invited to enact a storybook search for human beauty that involves elaborate masks, puppetry, kabaret, a snow ball fight, a game of vampire tag, and numerous theatrical “audience dance breaks” featuring the break-core music of Venetian Snares.

Jacksons Lane, London Premiere, July, 2009
Arcola Theatre, London, Create Festival, July, 2009
Stratford Circus, London, July, 2009
Latitude Festival, Suffolk, July, 2009
Bleecker Street Theater, NYC, June, 2009
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland, August, 2008
Vortex Theater, NYC, Under Ground Zero Festival, January, 2008
Ohio Theatre, NYC, Ice Factory Festival, Premiere, August, 2007