LIEBE LOVE AMOUR! is a live film love affair with an audience. The show’s star, Tall Hilda, draws the audience into a cinematic adventure framed by the gorgeous imagery of silent film director, Erich Von Stroheim. With an original score and virtuosic real-time video and sound editing, LIEBE LOVE AMOUR! seamlessly combines the performances of Golden Age Hollywood personalities such as Gloria Swanson with live performers and even select audience members. Presented at The New Ohio, Duke University, Wesleyan University, The New Orleans Fringe, and The Center at West Park.

In current repertoire
The Center At West Park, NYC, Performances, January, 2018
NC Stage, Asheville, Performances July, 2014
Wesleyan University, Performance and Workshops, September, 2012
Duke University, Performance and Workshops, September, 2012
New Orleans Fringe Festival, Performances, November, 2012
New Ohio Theatre, NYC, Premiere, August, 2012
HERE Arts Center, NYC, Workshop Performances, March, 2012