Troop Troupe

Troop Troupe is a fictionalized USO show in the present moment that is revealed to be a reconstruction created by a future civilization based on digital archeology. It addresses the fetishization of warfare by our culture and our determination to characterize foreigners as enemies.

La Mama E.T.C., Premiere, October, 2009
Mabou Mines, P.S. 122, Residency and Performances, November, 2008

a Wonderland

Alice, a talented urban dreamer approaching middle age, is caught in a quagmire of diminishing potential, corporate insignificance and the mirage of celebrity. This is Lewis Carrol deconstructed by the mind of a modern, mature songstress on a journey of self-identity. A befeathered spectacle; a psychedelic, multimedia/music-fueled trip down the rabbit hole.

July 8 – 11, 2009

The Ohio Theater’s Ice Factory Festival


Wanderlust is a narrative dance party adventure guided by the ten-foot-tall faux German powerhouse, Tall Hilda. The audience is invited to enact a storybook search for human beauty that involves elaborate masks, puppetry, kabaret, a snow ball fight, a game of vampire tag, and numerous theatrical “audience dance breaks” featuring the break-core music of Venetian Snares.

Jacksons Lane, London Premiere, July, 2009
Arcola Theatre, London, Create Festival, July, 2009
Stratford Circus, London, July, 2009
Latitude Festival, Suffolk, July, 2009
Bleecker Street Theater, NYC, June, 2009
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland, August, 2008
Vortex Theater, NYC, Under Ground Zero Festival, January, 2008
Ohio Theatre, NYC, Ice Factory Festival, Premiere, August, 2007

The Best

The Best began as a protest against the United States invading Iraq and beginning its unending War on Terror. It was loosely based on a constellation of ancient Greek plays set in Thebes and featured a consistent cast of semi-fictional “web personas.” The Best developed into a five-year epic that spanned genres including: a stage show presented in underground warehouses and prestigious festivals, a rock show that played some of NYC’s most prominent venues of the post-punk revival, an interactive video installation, and a pioneering internet phenomenon in a pre-social media era.

Vortex Theater, Underground Zero Festival, NYC, January, 2008
Ohio Theatre, NYC, August, 2007
Galapagos, NYC, June, 2007
Brisbane Int’l Theatre Festival, Australia, July, 2006
Neuropolis Festival, Berlin, Interactive Installation, June, 2006
Ohio Theatre, NYC, May, 2006
Pyramid Club, NYC, March, 2006
Ars Nova, NYC, February, 2006
Sin-é, NYC, January, 2006
Urban Stages, NYC, September, 2005
Makor Theatre, NYC, Spring, 2005
OfficeOps, November, 2004
Parkside Lounge, NYC, December, 2004
The Chocolate Factory, NYC, October, 2004
The Belt, Wow Festival, February, 2004
OfficeOps, NYC, May, 2003